A pot-shot at the International Community

You know, every time I write one of these column things I feel almost responsible to put in something bad about the government, RTS, Milosevic & co, the lot. It’s not that they don’t deserve every single bit of, err, constructive criticism they get from me, but there’s only so many times one can bad-mouth a government without starting to repeat himself. That doesn’t mean, however, that the flow of negative thoughts on these pages will stop; only now it’s time for the “so-called” “international community” (strike out the quote marks you don’t like).
So, after watching and reading about what your people are doing in, ahem, “Serbia’s southern province”, I’ve got to say that they are just as irresponsible, immature and, oh yes, stupid as that set over there in Belgrade. Only yours are considerate enough not to do anything bad to the people who voted them into power, which means you’re safe, but it’s a whole different story when little old Serbia, with or without Kosovo, is concerned. And it’s not only Serbia.

Of course, looking back over the previous few years of wars, crisis and revolutions one could maybe say that those events were, and still are, just too bizarre not to be masterminded and controlled by some higher X-files-like high powered authority we know nothing of, which either knows or controls the fate of the world, and which probably goes by the name of “the international community”. And in a way it would be comforting to know that at least somebody on this planet, bad intentioned or not, understands how this civilisation works.

But sadly, if you examine the inner workings of the
“international community” more closely, you’ll se that almost all that’s bad in this world is not caused by a twisted mind of a person in the shadow, but by sheer stupidity of people in the spotlight, people we all know and – although not necessarily – love. Because the international community is nothing more than a set of bumbling idiots who 1) never have long-term plans and goals, 2) don’t even think about what the history will have to say about them in 200 years or so from now and 3) think their greatest achievement in resolving a conflict is getting two parties to sign a piece of paper. I should maybe change the part under 1) a bit. They do have this general idea of what the future should be like, but “world peace” and “no more wars” are general ideals more suited to pre-schoolers than the “leaders of the free world” as they call themselves.

Ok, they’re consistent; I’ll give them that. They said two years ago “The Serbs are bad” and “We like the Albanians. The Albanians are our friends”, and they’re still sticking to that. But let’s see what happened in the meantime, shall we? More than 80% of the Serbs left Kosovo because, and I’m not trying to be a part of Sloba’s propaganda machine here, Albanian extremists either burned their houses down or threatened them. It would be OK if they only did it to Serb extremists. Hey, I’m all for it. Get them to come here and we’ll deal with them in courts when Sloba’s out of power. But a difference should be made between 5% of Serb extremists, and 95% of the rest of the population.
I could even, maybe, perhaps, after a long brainwash; understand why the intcom tolerated the Albanian extremists in that respect. There was a war, some Serbs did bad things – the collective guilt thing. But why, oh why, did those very same extremists who just a year ago said that the Serbs hate them only because they were of different ethnic group, then drive away the Gypsies who had absolutely no part in the war. Could it possibly be because the Gypsies are (dramatic pause here) a different ethnic group?

And if that weren’t enough, NATO itself had a lot of problems with some Albanian extremists. Do I even have to mention Mitrovica? I’ll just recap on some of the mishaps NATO had with them there in past two weeks: a bus from Serbia blown up by a land mine, a couple of NATO soldiers shot dead by snipers, Albanian citizens (and I’m not talking only extremists) still having weapons in their homes, a few massive riots with more than a dozen soldiers getting hurt as the direct result of them, the same amount of Serbian houses set on fire, a few thousand Serbs less in Mitrovica, and to top it all of – a gun stolen not from a rookie fresh out of the academy, but from the KFOR commander Klaus himself, and still not returned.

So, why does the intcom tolerate it? Well, for the very same reason Tony Blair was so hawkish about a ground war – neither of them wants to look bad on TV. It would be hilarious seeing George Robertson, Cook, Clinton, or Blair standing in front of TV cameras and beginning their speech with “Remember those Albanian refugees…? Well… we’re no longer friends.” Of course, the question of why they took the Albanians’ side in the first place is a whole different, and a lot longer, story. But I must admit most of this is just sour grapes syndrome, because if I had to choose between a leadership with a bad foreign policy and one with no policy whatsoever, guess which one would be my pick.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The author of this text is in no way funded and / or supported and does not fund and / or support the RTS, the Socialist party, Slobodan Milosevic, and / or any other part of the Serbian government. In fact, as far as the author of this text is concerned, all of them would have been arrested, prosecuted, jailed and / or buried alive by now.