An old lady at 18!

OK, so I’ve done it, I’ve spent about six months in the big wide world, I’ve started being an adult and I’m learning how to do this ‘fending for myself’ malarkey!

I left school halfway through my A levels, after I decided that spending four-day weekends wasn’t going to get me where I wanted in life. I’d been working on part-time right from the beginning, flitting about doing this and that and basically just being the gobby cow that I am!

I used to write a column when I was still in school, when liv4now was just a distance idea. I was a man hating, shoe buying, permanently hung-over teenager, still at the age of 16. Since then I’ve reformed into an old lady with a steady boyfriend, a job and I’ve finally hit the big one-eight.

After all this, I still worry about the same things. I still consistently promise I’m going to exercise, going jogging once every few months, promising myself I’ll do it every day, being a picky veggie on a diet which, unfortunately, consists of pizza and chips and garlic bread. And still sucking in my face and pouting out my lips trying to be a model, whilst wondering how I can make myself not look 14!

So, where do I go from here? I think over the next little while I’m just gonna wander through my weeks, letting you know what I stumble over (literally stumbling, I fall over something at least once a week). I’ll inform you on how my exercise is going and if anything else in my old lady life decides to pop up, I’ll let you into that as well. Right now, it’s 22.50 and I’m going to get off this computer and get Matthew to make me a cup of tea and get me some half covered biscuits!