Diana: Icon of privilege

Why, on the third anniversary of Diana Spencer’s death in a car crash in Paris, can’t the British (mostly English) public just get on with their lives.

After trawling through this morning’s newspapers I was shocked to see that the nation was still mourning (or celebrating, however you look at it), her death.

What is going on in our lives? What possibly do these people need that is missing in their lives to yearn for a statue or monument to commemorate the ‘Queen of Hearts’ (yuck)?

I’ll tell you what. These people are mis-guided into thinking because Diana Spencer did a lot of work for charity and was a member of the country’s aristocratic elite that she was somehow better and to be revered. Bollocks, of course.

Only the stupid are drawn into the Diana mourning fraternity, as if bonded by their composite grief as the star of Diana was extinguished prematurely.

The Royal family are out of touch with modern life. Mo Mowlem touched upon the raw nerve that is the Windsors only recently. A political hot potato, agreed, but she was rebuked by those at No. 10 as some sort of maverick merely for suggesting somewhat sensibly that the Royal Family move out of Buck House and into accommodation more befitting their role (what role) in our society.

With no power a burden on the tax man (the Queen now pays tax, but on what, the free money we give her every year? Hardly a burden) what role can the Windsors and all the other well healed aristocratic cousins afford our nation?

If you look at the grandiose life style that is bestowed upon the Regality, many would argue that they should spend the rest of their living days toiling and working in repayment of the large sums of money they and their forbearers have taken out of the pockets of the working nation to keep them and their relatives in the exceptionally decadent lifestyle they see themselves in today.

The Royal family is an icon of privilege totally out of tune with society in general. They are the pinnacle of the tier known as ‘The Haves’. They lay some tenuous claim to the tourist industry in an attempt by the pro Royals to keep a toe in the pocket lining of the Bank of England’s favour – and boy what a favour.

The French, with the alleged spine of a weasel, at least saw to it that the blue blood of their nation was inextricably culled a few centuries previous. This has not, it seems, had a damning effect on tourism. A 20th century phenomena. People’s leisure time bringing the paying customer to these shores from the four corners of the globe to part with their hard earned dollars, yen, etc.

So what claim then, the Royal Family to this business sector (alright I know Fergie has her own chat show in the States) but for a few well rehearsed lines, if you aren’t Prince Phillip that is, on camera in some far flung place or other? The visiting tourist is hardly going to bump into Queenie in St. James or on Oxford Street or even peering from her window at Buckingham Palace for that matter.

The Royals and Princess Diana are out of tune with today and why the nation so reveres them is an absolute mystery.

A monument for Diana Spencer, it seems inevitable. Why aren’t people more concerned with crime and poverty, the health service, education?

I’ll tell you because the majority are brainwashed by the national tabloids. Richard Kay of the Mail should do just that, forget her.

She was some woman who went about doing things for charity. As one of the Gallagher brothers best put it “what was she supposed to do, go about eating cream cakes?” Not the most literary argument but makes the point all the same.

Not exactly Mother Theresa who died the same week. Now there is someone worth holding that Candle in the Wind, Mr. Elton John.

No wonder the Queen Mum lived to see 100. So too would probably the majority of us all if we ate the best foods, lived in the best conditions imaginable, had the best advice and health care and NEVER WORKED A DAY IN OUR LIVES.

Misplaced empathy, I have just about had enough of it.